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Organic Gardening & Landscaping Services

At Seth Berman Gardeners, we help our clients identify challenges and provide solutions. With over 20 years of expertise, we have been serving clients in Cambridge, Boston and the Newton area with organic gardening and organic landscaping practices and techniques. Our goal is to provide you with the landscape of your dreams while helping you increase the value of your property.

To avoid cutting corners, we use only environmentally sustainable materials, including native and non-invasive plants, food crops and edible species. Throughout the process, we educate our clients on the benefits of organic gardening and proper maintenance techniques.

Example of Seth Berman Gardeners service:

The Challenge- To beautify an insect damaged lawn and create a more interesting front foundation bed.

Our Solution- We removed an overgrown and undesirable shrub, which left more room for new plantings and showcased an existing path.  By using bluestone treads as vertical bed edging, we created a raised plant bed.   The edging deters ice-melt contamination and the raised bed controls insect infestation without pesticides.

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